Flat packaging

Flat packaging, i.e. the simplest film sachets, are standard packaging used in many branches of industry.

They are characterised by simplicity and ease of packing. They can be used as collective packaging for smaller units of a product. They can also be used as a final packaging for a finished product.

Made from a wide range of available materials, they ensure, above all, the safety of the product by acting as a barrier against external factors.

In their simplest form, they consist only of film sealed on three sides. In their simplest form, they consist only of a film welded on three sides. They may also contain notches for easy opening, a string closure and holes for easier carrying or hanging (eurohole).

When made from transparent film, they ensure product visibility, while the use of printed material ensures brand differentiation.


Flat bags are most often produced from multilayer PA/PE film dedicated to meat industry. They can also be made of PET/PE or PET/Alu/PE films with a barrier layer of aluminium.

Multilayer materials are a guarantee of safety, providing an adequate barrier for atmospheric gases, moisture and UV rays.