Special-purpose packaging

Packaging for special applications are bags made of specially selected materials ensuring much greater product safety compared to typical solutions in the industry.

We manufacture packaging designed for:

  • Thermal treatment: cooking, pasteurisation, sterilisation, deep-freezing
    On the basis of the needs sent by the Customer, we determine the type of film needed to produce the packaging. We guarantee safety and quality of packaging intended for processing in autoclaves and pasteurisers.
  • Barrier: resistant to gas, moisture and UV rays
    The use of high barrier film will ensure product safety and extend its shelf life. Bags made from these materials offer the best possible protection against external factors, while also being approved for food contact.
  • Ecological: recyclable
    To meet market expectations, we have adapted our production lines to create recyclable packaging. The use of appropriately created laminates guarantees that the packaging can be reused.
  • Packaging for acidic and greasy products
    Thanks to the application of appropriate material composition, our packaging is suitable for storing acidic and fermenting products. The printed and clear materials are safe for the food being packaged and have the appropriate food contact approval documentation.
  • Very large packaging sizes
    Thanks to our universal machine park, we are able to produce large-size packaging from film and laminates. We manufacture flat packs up to 1300x1500mm in size.