We are producer of innovative plastic bags. We manufacture typical three side seal bags, stand up packages as Doypack and K-seal bag, and bottom gusset pouches. For our production laminated films as PA/PE, PET/PE, PET/Alu/PE and other structures are applied, selected individually for customer’s needs. Our packages are used to food products (Vacuum, MAP), pet food, and other industrial applications.

Our offer includes films for packaging machinery, as flow pack, thermoforming machines and tray sealers. We also help in film printing upper films.


Our Products

Stand Up Plastic Pouches

  • Different handles
    Hole in a bag with chosen shape: eurohole, bean shaped, three holes
  • Laser perforation
    Laser perforated line together with easy open allows to tear film easily
  • Zipper
    Zipper allows to open and close the bag. It is functional mainly in powdery goods packaging.
  • Easy Open
    Notch which allows to open the bag easily.
  • Selective varnishing
    Selective varnishing of the printing fragment perfectly distinguishes elements of the packaging.

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Flat Plastic Pouches

We produce also flat pouches, with three side seals for different purposes:

  • Bags for sterilization
  • Bags for pasteurization
  • Bags for vacuum packaging
  • Bags for pasteurization

Laminates and specialized films

We are distributing and processing (slitting, printing and sealing) laminates and specialized films:

  • Laminates PA/PE, PET/PE, PET/Alu/PE
  • Top and bottom films for packing machines
  • Flow pack films
  • Rigid films A-PET/PE
  • Printed films
  • Films for sterilization
  • Films for pasteurization


We seal and slit films on request.


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